Over the years, Vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity among smokers due to many different reasons. A vaporizer is commonly used to smoke dry herbs but some units can also be used to smoke concentrates & oils. A vaporizer will take the dry herb or oil and vaporize it at a high level of heat providing you with a cloud of clean smoke and eliminating unwanted additives. Vaporizers are considered to be a healthy alternative to common smoking methods such as using rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cigars. Vaporizers often come in many different shapes, sizes & styles. Many of these units are small and sleek allowing you to carry the unit in your pocket! Various models are usually accommodated with unique features and components. Personal vaporizers are great for daily smokers who are looking for a quick, clean, and discreet method of smoking. Whether you’re looking for a handheld vape pen or even a standalone unit, we have you covered! Some of the most popular units offered at Sky High Smoke Shop include the PAX vaporizer, kangertech and the Cloud V. These units are our top sellers and we highly suggest taking a glance at them if you are interested in a new vape!

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