Recycler Rigs

Recyclers are known to provide smokers with a pleasant smoking experience. One of the key features a recycler bong provides, compared to other water pipes, is its state of the art dual chamber technology. The primary purpose of this technology is used to severely intensity flavors while also increasing the production of vapor. People will also notice an increased ability to inhale & exhale the smoke created by these units compared to glass bubblers. An all-around smoother hit will reduce the urge to cough ideally creating an enjoyable smoking experience. The benefits provided by a recycler dab rig rapidly resulted in a popularity gain throughout the industry for the product. The majority of products we offer on our website have the capability to be customized! With a few simple changes to your recycler rig you will be able to use both dry herbs and concentrates. Here at Sky High Smoke Shop we provide you with a ton of different product choices. We ensure you that our online headshop is the ultimate source to visit when searching for the perfect recycler rig.

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