Heady Glass

Heady glass products are perfect for those in search of unique, hand blown, custom bongs, hand pipes, bubblers and dab rigs. At Sky High Smoke Shop we offer our customers with a large inventory of products to choose from which are constantly updated in a timely manner. Our collection is primarily composed of breathtaking glass water pipes, wax rigs, pendants and glass pipes. These unique works of art have been hand made by some of the most talented heady glass blowers within the industry and are now available for you to enjoy. You might find that many of our competitors offer their heady pipes and rigs at higher sales prices. Unlike other head shops we have taken multiple business measures to reduce the price you pay when purchase a product from us. The primary measure we have taken is applying purchase order contracts with our vendors.  By having these contracts with our suppliers, we are given the opportunity to provide you with high quality heady glass merchandise while retaining a reasonable sales price.

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