Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are a must have for those looking to achieve the effectiveness of a water bong and the portability of a hand pipe. The functionality of this utility is what makes it most unique. Initially, when you take a drag from your bubbler the smoke will travel down the diffuser and into the water filled chamber. This process is commonly known as the filtration process, a feature which is also found in bongs and oil rigs. When the smoke is exhaled, you will immediately notice the difference in smoke quality compared to a regular glass pipe. The majority of people will make the assumption that bubblers are only used to smoke tobacco. This is not true! With the addition of correct parts such as a male jointed nail, some glass bubblers can also be used to smoke concentrates. Much like pipes, bubblers come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Some units also offer additions such as dual, triple, and even quad chambers which can be used to pack more smoking tobacco in. At Sky High Smoke Shop we offer large variety of pieces which include different attributes as mentioned above. With such a large inventory of bubblers provided by Sky High Smoke Shop, finding the perfect piece suitable for your needs has never been easier!

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