Dab & Oil Rigs

Dab rigs, commonly known as wax rigs, are primarily used for smoking concentrates and oils. The purpose of a dab rig is to offer the smoker with a better smoking experience when dealing with concentrates. This is done by minimizing harsh hits and increasing vapor production. An oil rig has many similarities compared to traditional bongs. Some of these similarities may include multiple percolators & customizable attachments. There are various selections of upgrades that can be made to further customize a dab rig such as adding a ceramic, quartz, or titanium nail. Sky High Smoke Shop offers many Dab rigs created from aluminum oxide glass. This specific glass is considered to be the strongest glass in the world! When you purchase a dab rig from DHS you can rest assured that you are receiving durable product which will last a long time! Finding the perfect Dab rig will not be difficult especially due to our large inventory of products.

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