Weed Star Double Perc Water Pipe

Product Information

  • Crafted using thick borosilicate glass
  • Double drum percolators
  • Splash guard
  • Comfortable Mouth Piece
  • USA made product
  • Etched Weed Star Logo
  • Scientific Glass

Introducing one the latest creations from Weed Star glass works. This is the all new Weed Star Kick Flip double drum perc water pipe. Weed star has added a flared mouthpiece which we found to be extremely comfortable compared to many other water pipes on the market. As we examine the front side of this water pipe you’ll notice the unique etched Weed Star logo on the neck as well as the down stem.

As far as performance goes this bong is a monster! The smoke production produced from this unit is truly remarkable and not to mention the amount of flavor you get once you take a rip is ridiculous! This is due to the supreme level of filtration we receive within the chambers thanks to Weed Stars addition of double drum perc features. Included with this water pipe is an 18.8 mm female anti-roll dry herb bowl which is very easy to remove and clean.

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