Weed Star Double Perc Bong

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Product Highlights:

  • Double Honey Comb Percolators
  • Etched Weed Star Logo
  • Ice Notches For Cooler Smoke
  • Stable and Durable Product
  • Made in The USA

The simplicity of this Weed Star Double Perc Bong sets it apart from many in its category. It is made of high-quality glass, and it is all clear all around, except for a few blue impressions that make it a looker stylish. The glass is 3.2mm in thickness, and so its quality is as high as they come. High levels of heat do not affect the performance of 14.5-inch glass bong.

The double honeycomb percolator plays the all-important role of ensuring that your throat doesn’t get hits that could be too hard on your throat and lungs. When the smoke goes through the water the first time, it not only cools down but it’s also filtered. The smoke that is produced from this unit is more flavorful, allowing you to truly enjoy your dry herbs. The second time the smoke passes through water in its second phase it gets even smoother. Smoke is broken down into small bubbles to bring out the silky smoothness of your herbs. It also cools down further. You will indeed note that this Weed Star Double Perc water pipe is ideal for herbs.

Another role that the Honeycomb disk double-percolator aspect plays is ensuring a larger surface area for your smoke to play. You end up drawing more from one puff than you would if you only had one percolator.

Both the glass and the bowl have Weed Star logos engraved on them. This bong is ideal for those smokers looking to heighten their experience. The double percolator experience is one that you must try, and this reasonably priced bong brings it within reach. It is long-lasting and worth every penny.

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