Vodka Glass Rosaline 11 Inch Bong

Product Information

  • 11 Inches Tall
  • Joint Angle: 90-Degrees
  • Joint Size: 18MM
  • Manufactured In The USA
  • Ice Catcher & Splash Guard
  • Ultra Durable Glass
  • Stunning Design

The Rosaline is a stunning water pipe that stands at a height of 11 inches, making it a true statement piece for any collection. This luxurious bong is produced by Famous Brandz as a part of their Vodka Glass Diamond Series, which consists of a range of beautifully crafted glass bongs with diamond-cut bases, mouthpieces, and matching bowls. The Rosaline's stemless design gives it a sleek and modern look, while the 18mm female ground joint and included 18mm male herb bowl add functionality and style.

Every hit from the Rosaline is a smooth and satisfying experience thanks to the onboard diamond-cut matrix percolator that is housed within the base. This percolator works to filter the smoke, creating a clean and enjoyable hit every time. The bong's unique design also creates the Venturi effect, which occurs when the airpath is compressed in the center. This causes the velocity of each hit to decrease while increasing the time the smoke has to cool within the thick boro glass walls of the pyramid chamber. This results in a cooler, smoother hit that is easier on the throat and lungs.

In addition to its functional features, the Rosaline is also a work of art. It is decorated with a Vodka Glass decal on the neck and a matching Diamond Series emblem on the fixed downstem, adding to its visual appeal. The bong also has an ice catcher in the neck that doubles as a splash guard, allowing you to enjoy the coolest hits without any bong water entering your mouth. The thick, 4.5-inch wide base of the bong ensures that it stays stable when placed on a table between rips.

If you are searching for a bong that is both elegant and functional, the Rosaline is an excellent choice. Its beautiful design, smooth hits, and durable construction make it a top choice for any connoisseur. So why wait? Add the Rosaline to your collection today and elevate your dry herb enjoyment to the next level.

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