UPC Inside Out Hammer Head Bubbler

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This cool UPC inside out hammer head glass bubbler is one of those products where looks can be deceiving! First of all this product is only 7 inches in length and when smokers think hear that they begin to imminently under estimate the performance levels of this bubbler. The quality of craftsmanship found in this piece is remarkable, and the performance is insane. We at Sky High Smoke Shop test all of our glass bubblers prior to adding them to our online retailer to ensure quality. If you are looking for a glass bubbler which provides smooth and effortless drags that product incredible clouds than this hammer head from UPC is the one for you. This unit features a carb hole which is located on the left hand side near the bowl which allows you to efficiently take advantage of it. Another great feature found in this bubbler by UPC is the mouth piece which has been developed to ensure you receive a comfortable smoking experience when taking a drag from this  hammer head.

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