UPC Honey Comb Perc Ash Catcher

Product Information

Product Highlights

  • Authentic UPC Product
  • 45 Degree Angel
  • Male & Female Joints
  • Honey Comb Perc
  • Branded Glass
  • Durable Ash Catcher
  • Ultimate Filtration

This UPC Ash Catcher includes a unique honey comb percolator which was developed to provide you, the consumer, with a better filtration system while smoking from your favorite bong. This Ash Catcher features two 14 mm joints which are set at a 45 degree angel. This unit is very versatile due to the fact that is has both a male and female joint which give you the ability to customize your setup to the fullest potential. While looking at the front of this piece you will notice the black UPC logo which has been incorporated onto the glass. This product will keep all of the unwanted gunk and particles out of your precious bong meaning you won't have to clean your daily driver as frequently.

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