Sky High Glass All Seeing Eye Dab Rig

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Product Highlights:

  • Hand Blown Using Boro Glass
  • Made In Los Angeles, California
  • Includes High Quality Quartz Nail
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
  • showerhead Percolator

This one of a Kind All Seeing Eye Mini Dab Rig by Sky High Glass will blow away all of your exceptions once you take your very first hit from it. The All Seeing Eye dab rig is known for providing concentrate connoisseurs such as yourself with impressive overall performance. The unique showerhead percolator which can be found on the downstem was strategically implemented to ensure higher levels of filtration and improved flavors throughout your entire session. A beautifully detailed eye was also added to the piece to ensure it stands out among other products. This rig rests in a stable fashion on flat surfaces meaning it will not easily tip over and break. A high-quality quartz dab nail is included for free with the purchase of this product.

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