Silver Surfer Dry Herb Vaporizer

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Made For Dry Herbs
  • 90 Second Heat Up Time
  • Full Convention Vaporizer
  • Durable Ceramic Heating Element
  • 3 Year Manufacture Warranty

Are you looking for a new vaporizer? If so you should consider the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It includes tons of features and is one of the best options if you’re looking for a high-quality unit.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Features

  1. Customization

This is possible through the base/housing colors and glass accessories that are customized. This provides excellent customization when picking a vaporizer. It’s definitely one of the main benefits when picking a vaporizer. It’s one thing when the unit is a high-end one. However, it’s even better when you can use a vaporizer that gives you various options to customize your unit. How does that sound?

  1. Value

The price of the unit is under-$300 at several sites. It’s important not to just consider the price tag but also the value the unit provides. If you’re looking for a quality vaporizer then you should also prepare to spend more money for better quality. It makes sense. However, you should first consider the features you’re looking for to make sure you’re getting the value you want in a vaporizer.

  1. Bag

The unit is shipped in a bag that includes high-end polyester and hemp. There’s also areas to put your vaporizer accessories. This is an added plus that’s not always available when buying a vaporizer so it’s definitely a great plus when you’re in the market for a new vaporizer.

  1. Ceramic Heating Element

This provides balanced convective heat, which helps to lower the chance of combustion. It’s definitely one of the best features of the unit in terms of safety. It’s definitely a key factor to look for when shopping for a vaporizer. It’s all about “safety first.” Meanwhile, units that work with other types of heating might cause problems with the functionality and safety of the unit. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid when picking a vaporizer.

  1. Adjustable Temps

This allows you to pick the right one based on factors like the herbal blend you use and your inhale speed. It’s definitely a plus since it adds value to the functionality of the vaporizer. This feature isn’t available on all units so it’s certainly a plus with the Silver Surfer vaporizer.

  1. Flavor

This is one of the main issues to consider when picking a vaporizer. The Silver Surfer includes a glass-on-glass design that offers a high-quality flavor. It’s definitely one of the most important factors to consider. If the vaporizer doesn’t provide full flavor then it’s not really worth considering.

  1. Unique

How would you like to have a vaporizer that’s 100% unique? It might seem like it’s impossible but since the temperature knob made via hand-blown glass guarantees that each and every Silver Surfer unit is unique. This is a feature that you can’t always find searching for a Silver Surfer Vaporizer. You can honestly say that you have a unique vaporizer if you pick the Silver Surfer.

  1. Built/Test by hand

This is done in the US state of Colorado. IT shows the care the company puts into designing and building its vaporizers. This is definitely a plus over other companies that just churn off tons of vaporizer units from an assembly line. That’s definitely something you’ll want to avoid since it will affect issues like quality control. Meanwhile, when the units are hand-build and tested it helps to ensure that you’re getting the best results possible.

  1. Safety

The Silver Surfer is in fact one of the safest vaporizers on the market. So if that’s a key feature you’re looking for you should definitely consider this one. Make sure to weigh the other features the unit has. However, in terms of safety it’s certainly a great option.

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