SHG 10mm Female Quartz Banger Polished

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Fits 10mm Male Joints
  • Polished Connector
  • Premium Quality Quartz
  • Manufactured Within The USA
  • Flavorful & Smooth Dabbing Experiance

You can easily achieve a much more enjoyable dabbing experience with this SHG 10mm Female Quartz Banger Polished dab nail. It's unique design ensure you have just the right amount of space to prevent accidentally heating up your dab rig while prepping the nail. This unit is made in Los Angeles, California by Sky High Glass using the highest quality of bare quartz materials. You should not that this nail will only fit 10mm male joints so please do your research before making this purchase. Also, to ensure this nail fits snug on your rig, please make sure the joint of your water pipe is also polished.

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