SHG 10mm Female Quartz Banger

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Compatible With All 10mm Male Joints
  • Individually Hand Made In Los Angeles, California
  • Extremely Durable Quartz Glass
  • Retains Heat Incredibly
  • Perfect For Newbies or Connoisseurs

Finding a high quality 10mm quartz banger is a difficult task for many which is why began to carry this SHG 10mm Female Quartz Banger at Sky High Smoke Shop. Optimal dabbing temperatures have never been easier to achieve and this is all thanks to the 2.2mm thickness of this nail. Once you begin to torch this nail you will notice how quickly it begins to heat up and the amount of time it retains heat. Please note that this nail is only compatible with 10mm male joints and we highly suggest you verify it will be compatible with your rig prior to purchasing it.

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