Sesh Supply Ossa Egg Dab Rig Single Perc

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Rare Propeller Percolator
  • Curved Neck Mouthpiece
  • 8.5 Inches Tall
  • 14.5 mm Joint Size
  • Made in The USA
  • Authentic Sesh Supply Product

The Sesh Supply Ossa Egg Dab Rig is a one of a kind bubbler which consists of many features smokers love. The height of this product is 8 inches tall, meaning, that the bubbler is portable enough so it can be carried with you anywhere you go. The joint size found on this unit is 14.5 mm which is great because this is a common size for attachments. This product ships with an included nail which can be used to smoke your favorite waxes and concentrates. All of the products from Sesh Supply are manufactured within the USA using borosilicate glass for extra durability.

The main feature of the unit is the propeller percolator, which will spin the smoke through the water and deliver it to your lungs. A narrow opening on the mouthpiece is used to release a carefully selected amount of smoke, maintain all of its properties and prolonging the pleasure. For the same reason, the manufacturer inserted pieces from inverted glass, used to break down the smoke into smaller sizes and to increase the accent on each flavor it has. The overall design of this dab rig is very unique and has been tailored to provide smokers with maximum performance.

The neck of the Ossa Egg dab rig is curved and the base is large enough to maintain stability in any position especially a flat surface. The mouthpiece is also thicker and feels more comfortable than on any other models we have tested. Rest your lips safely on the mouthpiece and enjoy an amazing smoke session every time you take a rip.

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