SeedleSs Glass Oil Rig Single Perc

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Product Highlights:

  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Made in the United States
  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Comes with glass nail
  • Clear Glass With Black Accents

The SeedleSs Glass Oil Rig Single Perc is a unit that must be present in any collection. It is well-made, modern and different than any other dab rig you may have come across. The primary material is borosilicate glass, extra-durable material that can withstand literally anything. Still, the manufacturer used a special type of Black American glass to make the entire unit even better and more functional.

The unique design of the percolator (multi-hole shower) is developed for the needs of the most demanding smokers, who want to pair quality of the smoke with the functionality of the bubbler. As the end result, you will get smoke rich in all the flavors imaginable. It will travel through make joint (14.5 mm) and reach the main chamber. Only then it will pass through multi-hole shower percolator. The entire process makes the smoke smooth, rich in aroma and cool.

The neck and the mouthpiece found on the SeedleSs Glass Oil Rig Single Perc are specially designed for relaxing purposes. No matter where you are, the neck, mouthpiece and the design, in general, will assist you in relaxing and enjoying each smoke.

A 14.5 mm vapor dome (female) and glass nail are made to be used with any of the oils and/concentrates. Seedless and Sheldon Black logos are imprinted on the main body of the bubbler. They feature the latest imprinting technology, so they will stay in like-new shape as long as you use the bubbler.

Made in the United States, from high-quality glass, this unit is one of a kind and it is an advanced model that can meet your craziest desires and demands.

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