Scorch Torch Jet Premium Series

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Product Highlights:

  • Large tank with a 1300cc capacity.
  • Gives you a 75-minute run time.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Fits in hand.
  • 1 Lighter
  • 1 Universal Tip

If you are looking for a torch that will deliver long lasting performance, the Scorch Torch Jet Premium Series could be the one for you. It is the excellent choice of lighter when firing up your bong. This lighter weighs less than a pound, but has a massive 1300cc tank that will give you up to 75 minutes of runtime, depending on the job at hand.

The construction of the Scorch Torch Jet Premium Series is solid, and the tip for flame production is well molded. At the back, you have a safety feature that prevents butane from leaking out uncontrollably. When the safety is down, no gas gets out. The lighting button is close to the safety lever, and you will set it off by pushing and holding until you hear a distinct click.

The flow switch on the side of the Scorch Torch Jet Premium Series helps you determine how much gas flows through. You can choose to let it flow continuously by pushing the switch to the furthest end or pulse it for an intermittent flow of butane.

When butane starts flowing, you will get a large flame when you turn the lighter on. You can manipulate the flame size by tinkering with the gas control lever.

When you are done, push your continuous flow button to cut the supply of gas, and the lighter turns off. It takes a while to cool down, and so you should avoid touching the tip.

It has a lever at the top, close to the tin that releases the flame. This lever opens up to let in oxygen, and changes the nature of your flame. You will manipulate it to determine the amount of oxygen that gets in, depending on the job. This lever moves smoothly so that you can manage it with the same hand as you work.

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