Santa Cruz Shredder Small 4 Piece Grinder

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Made In Santa Cruz, California
  • Ultrasonic Anodized Finish
  • Made From Medical Grade Aluminum
  • Strong Magnetic Lid
  • Item Diameter: 1 5/8-Inches

The Santa Cruz Shredder Small 4 Piece Grinder is one of the most popular smoking accessories available on the market today.

These products are all made in Santa Cruz, California using high quality and medical grade aluminum to ensure the longest possible life span. This aluminium is also ultrasonically cleaned to ensure safety when coming in contact with your herbs.

The redesigned and innovative teeth found in this product ensure you'll be able to grind your herbs to the best level without lots of effort. The lid contains a unique earth magnet which ensure you won't spill your herbs in case of an accident.

With a diameter of 1 5/8-inches this item is very pocket friendly and can be taken with you if you travel. Santa Cruz Shredders are offered in various colors making it easy to choose one tailored to your needs.

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Color: Black
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