Santa Cruz Shredder

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Product Highlights:

  • Construction: 4-piece model
  • Manufactured by: Santa Cruz company
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Made in California
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Lightweight and Portable

For those who enjoy smoking dry herbs having a good grinder is an important component. A herb grinder can be used for many different purposes. The Santa Cruz shredder is used worldwide by smokers to grind their herbs and tobacco (substances that are legally allowed). The majority of these types of products will often come in two pieces but the Santa Cruz Shredder consists of 4.

The four parts are the two grinding blades on the top, a collector with a kief separator, and the kief storing space. You have to place the herb on the top portion where the blades are sharper and screw it to the other part of the Santa Cruz shredder. Start twisting the top part until the herbs are finely ground. The consistency can differ depending on your preference. If you want a finer mix you can twist the shredder upside down and you will have to turn the blades for a longer period.  The shredded herb passes through the holes near the blade and gets stored in the third piece right above the kief collector. The kief will be filtered into the bottom section for easy removal.

This simple and compact Santa Cruz shredder has a diameter of 1 5/8 inches and is 1 1/5 inches tall. This shredder is made of anodized aluminum that is of medical grade which means it is safe for use. The blades on the top and second part are rectangular shape. But do not worry about the rectangular shape the blades are very sharp. These blades are arranged in a 7-catch thread design so that the herbs will not be caught in cross-threading.

The coating of this product is made of anodized color that is capable of preventing scratching. The package includes the 4-piece Santa Cruz shredder that has a kief collector at the bottom section. The knurled design of the grip allows the user to grip the shredder properly. These grinders are famous for their quality and durability. This small Santa Cruz shredder is enough for one joint and is portable.

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