RB Glass Terminator Water Pipe

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Overall Height: 19.5-Inches
  • Joint Size: 18-MM
  • Joint Type: Female
  • Herb Bowl Is Included Free
  • Barrel Percolator
  • Inline Percolator

The RB Glass Terminator Water Pipe features a combination of two unique percolators. As you examine the product you will notice the first percolator found within the lowest chamber. This perc is referred to as a slitted inline. In order to take the filtration produced by this bong to the next level, the glass blowers have also implemented a barrel perc which can be found in the second chamber. Another feature that stands out on this product is the RB Glass logo which is a gold color. The logo adds interesting flare to the bongs overall style making it more appealing to the eye. The production quality of the Terminator is flawless and being a product which is blown using boro glass, you can rest assured it will last for years.

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