Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Durable Borosilicate Glass Tube
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Shell
  • Compatible With Pyptek Attachments
  • Lightweight & Portable Design
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain

Prometheus Pocket Pipe Features

  1. Price

The price of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is in the under-$100 range. If you consider the quality and durability of the unit in particular then the price is definitely reasonable. That’s mostly due to the high-quality aluminum that’s used to produce the pipe. There are other factors that justify the price but what’s most important is customers are provided with high value for a reasonable price.

  1. Durability

How durable is the Pocket Pipe? It’s actually made of aluminum that’s aircraft-grade. So you can be assured the unit will be long-lasting. That’s certainly a plus since you won’t have to worry about replacing the pipe sooner rather than later. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid since it means added expense to your investment. The durability of the unit also helps to reduce the number of repairs and replacement parts needed, which are also pluses.

  1. Spare screen/O-ring

This is another great feature of the unit. You’ll have some extras to use so you won’t have to purchase new ones. This in turn will help to reduce the overall investment you have to make when using the Prometheus Pocket Pipe.

  1. Kits

The Pocket Pipe is also compatible with 3 different concentrate attachments. This is a feature that adds flexibility to the unit since you’ll have more options when using the pipe.

  1. Cleaning

The Pocket Pipe is also quite easy to clean. This is a major plus since you won’t have to spend tons of time and effort cleaning the unit. That can be a hassle and maybe even discourage you from using a particular pipe. It’s not a problem with this unit from Prometheus.

  1. Colors

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is also available in several colors. This allows you to pick one that you like and especially if it’s your favorite color. Another plus is each of the colors is sharp so they add extra pizzazz to the pipe.

  1. Portability

The pocket structure of the pipe means it’s quite easy to transport, which is definitely a plus. When you want to take the pipe with you when you’re out and about it won’t be a problem. In fact it’s much more portable than several other dried herb pipes on the market. The high portability provides convenience for the owner, which makes their life easier.

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