Phoenician Engineering 4 Part Grinder

Product Information

Product Highlights:
  • Made in the United States
  • Thread Lock Mechanism
  • Diametrically Cut Teeth
  • Build In Rolling paper dispenser
  • Meant For Dry Herbs

Phoenician Engineering 4 Part Grinder comes from the United States and it has plenty of advantages to offer. First and foremost, the design is new and fresh, but at the same time, it makes the entire unit easier to use and more functional, maintaining the strength. A lobe-grip is introduced for two reasons. The first one is to allow you easier usages while providing better grip and the second one is to increase structural support. Diametrically cut teeth are the next element that will make this model desirable for all of you. They reduce friction, but maintain perfect consistency. They are made to cut through your dry herbs without mashing them or leaving any large chunks. Every single time, the end result is going to be perfect mulch.

The Tread-lock system found in this Phoenician Engineering 4 Part Grinder is one of a kind. Although it is defined as a thread-based mechanism, it features an entirely different element of such systems. The manufacturer claims that this is the best system for this application due to the fact it makes residual built up in the threads impossible. All other designs have this flaw!

The diameter is 3.22 inches, it is 2.22 inches in height and the total weight is 9 ounces. Simple design, low weight, and small diameter make this grinder suitable for carrying anywhere and at any moment.

Usage time is reduced compared to equivalent models, but the end result of the mulch is better than conventional models have to offer. The bottom line is that this grinder is a premium model for the most demanding users.

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