Mighty Vaporizer

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Meant For Herbs & Concentrates
  • Fast 60 Second Heat Up Time
  • Lightweight And Portable Design
  • Includes 2 Year Manufactures Warranty
  • Adjustable Digital Temperature Controls

Mighty Vaporizer Benefits

  1. LED Display

This feature is a great one that shows you the settings for the vaporizer. For example, you might want to make adjustments when using the vaporizer. It won’t be a problem with the Mighty Vaporizer and you can see all the changes since they show up on the display. This is a great feature that provides more value to the user.

  1. Powerful

A key benefit of the Mighty Vaporizer is that it’s much more powerful than other units. The item was produced by German engineers that also designed the Volcano Vaporizer. This makes it a great option if you’re looking for unit that provides more punch than average. It’s not an issue for everyone but some people might want a more powerful vaporizer. If that’s the case then the Might Vaporizer is definitely a good option.

  1. Temp Setting

The operation of the vaporizer is quite easy. All you have to do is set the temperature you want to use for the unit. Then when the actual temp equal the one you set the unit is ready to go. It’s that simple! Temperature settings affect issues like flavor so it’s definitely one of the best features offered by the Mighty Vaporizer. In terms of options this is definitely one of the best ones since it offers more settings. If you’re looking for more flexibility it’s one of the main features that’s provided by the unit.

  1. Dual Battery

The Mighty Vaporizer also includes mighty power thanks to the 2x lithium-ion battery. This gives you several hours of non-stop use on a single charge. As a result you’ll have more operating time for the vaporizer, which is definitely a plus. In fact, you can even operate the unit from a power adapter when the batteries have no juice left. How does that sound? It’s easily one of the best features of the vaporizer since the vaporizer still function even when it’ drained.

  1. Ease-of-use

The Mighty also provides operation that’s basic and reliable. This can make it popular with newbie and pro vaping fans. There’s a button for each function of the unit. This makes it one of the most functional vaporizers for vapers of many different levels.

  1. Price

The Mighty vaporizer costs around $350 and you should consider the great value the unit offers when considering the price. It’s a “mighty” vaporizer, right? When factoring in the price it’s important to not only think about the price tag but also the value the vaporizer provides. This is certainly something to consider when making a decision about which vaporizer to pick.

  1. Efficiency

When selecting a vaping machine it’s important to consider how efficient the vaporizing is. It won’t be a problem with the Mighty like the Plenty and Crafty. How does it work? The unit’s vaporization works based on a full convection heating system using hot air, and conduction. Each of the systems have different functions. The convection-style heating produces a fast/constant vaporization, while the conduction make sure that the unit produces vapor starting with the user’s first breath.

The result is the Mighty Vaporizer can hit temperatures very quickly. There’s no need to burn/char dried herbs. The two heating methods make it an excellent option for entertainment events. That’s because the might vaporizer can be used for both solo and session use. This is actually a very rare feature of various portable vaporizers today.

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