Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Includes Built In Grinder
  • Air Tight & Smell Proof
  • Water Proof Design
  • 4 Inches Tall
  • 20 DRAM Storage Size
  • Made From Durable Materials

Medtainer Features

  1. Colors

The Medtainer comes in many different styles and colors. This makes it more likely you can get a unit that is your favorite color. The functionality of the unit is more important. However, finding the color you want is also a plus since it gives you more options. That’s definitely a plus since it will improve your overall experience. Whenever you use the container/grinder you’ll get to see your favorite color, which will add value.

  1. Reviews

The Medtainer has received thousands of positive online reviews. This is definitely a major plus to consider because the chances are you will love the Medtainer as well. That’s why you should definitely consider purchasing this product. It’s also the first of its kind so it’s another major factor to consider.

  1. Support

The Meditainer’s producers have received high marks for customer service. This will help to provide a better experience if you have any questions/concerns you want addressed after your purchase.

  1. Portable

The Meditainer is not only effective in storing your favorite dry herbs but is also easy to transport. That’s a plus since you won’t have to only use it at home. You can take it with you where you go, which adds value to the product.

  1. Water/Smell Proof

These are great features that will improve your experience using the stash/grinder. It’s waterproof so you won’t have to worry about damage from water whether it’s from rain or other sources. The unit is also smell-proof so it’s another plus of the unit. It’s something you’ll want to avoid when storing dried herbs since the scene can be quite strong.

  1. Price

If you’re looking for a rock-bottom price on stashes then you should consider the Meditainer. That’s because it retails for about $15. This is a super price considering the value you get with a storage/grinder combo.

  1. Grinder

The Meditainer doesn’t just function as a storage unit for your dry herbs but also as a grinder. This is a great feature when you want to grind your herbs on the go. It provides value since you won’t have to carry multiple smoking accessories with you. You can instead use one unit and save space and money. The unit is already very portable so this adds value to your overall experience.

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