Lookah High-Rise Faberge Straight Tube Bong

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Total Height: 18 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18 MM Female
  • Faberge & Knob Percolators
  • Blown Using Borosilicate Glass
  • Includes Free Dry Herb Bowl

The Lookah High Rise is a straight tube bong which has a height of 18 Inches. Designed for primarily smoking dry herbs this water pipe also features Faberge and Knob Percolators. The combination of these two percolators makes the Lookah High-Rise a total beast when it comes to filtration. Smooth and flavorful hits are to be expected from this bong with every rip you take. Lookah has branded the High-Rise in three different locations using their infamous gold logo. The glass blowers have also incorporated ice notches near the neck. This feature allows smokers to add ice and cool down the smoke which will be inhaled. Cooler smoke is known to be easier on the lungs, meaning, a much more enjoyable overall session can be achieved.

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