Gold Hammer Bubbler With Diffuser

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Borosilicate Glass bubbler
  • Built In Diffuser
  • Unique Golden design
  • Midsize Bowl
  • Carb Hole On Left
  • Made in The USA
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece

Composed of glass and manufactured in the U.S.A by Sky High Smoke Shop, the aforementioned Gold Hammer Bubbler comes equipped with a diffuser. Weighing in at less than two pounds, this glass bubbler functions allows you to ergonomically hold while you bubble on. Designed to provide its users with an easy grip that allows you to use this product seamlessly, the inclusion of a diffuser makes it that much easier to begin using. As you light and burn, the golden design allows you to appear as if you’ve got fire in your hands.

With five distinct dots as a unique design, you won't have to deal with a bubbler that you get sick of quickly. Simplistic, but with a dash of depth, this Gold Hammer Bubbler and Diffuser is well worth the inexpensive price – you won't find anything like it anywhere else. Handcrafted for optimal personable touch, you won't find a replicated version outside of our store.

If you’re looking for a lightweight replacement to your bong, a bubbler like the Gold Hammer is the way to go. Allowing you to craft a slightly different experience than your bong will, having a diffuser equipped with allow you to begin using as soon as you use; ensuring that you get the smoothest use out of your bubbler. Worry about large bubbles no longer, as this diffuser will allow you to create smaller bubbles for a smoother experience. Being able to stand this up in a way that you don’t lose your product will ensure that you can place it down when your hands are about to be full, and you can pick it back up without worrying about anything falling out. Simple to use, and great in terms of longevity, this bubbler with diffuser will last you quite some time with the proper maintenance and care.

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