Tall Glass Herb Bong With Ice Catcher

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • 8 Inches In Height
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Hand Blown In The United States
  • Ice Notches Within Neck
  • Straight Tube Design
  • Stable Base

This Tall Glass Herb Bong With a built in Ice Catcher will immediately grasp your attention once you take your first rip! First of all this product is constructed of all-glass, and the glass is not the cheap kind. It is 5mm thick, which means  this bong does not overheat or crack due to heat. The durable glass it is blown from is referred to as borosilicate known for it high level of shock tolerance. Though this is not advisable, you can get away with dropping it a few times from low heights.

It has an 18.8mm female joint, which is perfect due to the ability to add an ash catcher or replacement bowl in the future. This bong looks a bit intimidating thanks to its size, but it only weighs less than three pounds. This Tall Glass Herb Bong as a reasonably flat base, 4.5 inches in width, which allows you to place it comfortably on a flat surface.

The hits from this bong are high quality, mainly for two reasons. First, the quality of glass makes all the difference. From the mouthpiece to the base, the quality of glass is incredible. Secondly, this piece comes with built in ice notches. Users can take advantage of these ice notches to cool down the smoke before they inhale it. The Smoke from this piece is first filtered when it goes into the water at the base, and then the small slits in the bongs diffuser help with filtration it even further. The result is an unadulterated flavor from your dry herbs.

The bowl may look small, but it has the capacity for at least three rips, depending on your experience with drawing hits. Perhaps the best part is not the most obvious: the price. This bong is cheaper than it looks, and it lasts long, thanks to the excellent quality of all the constituent materials.

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