Genius Pipe

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • 6 Inches In Length
  • Discreet & Portable Design
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Made For Dry Herbs
  • Unique Design To Cool Smoke

Are you in the market for a new pipe for dry herbs? If so then you should definitely consider the Genius Pipe. It’s in the under-$100 range yet provides tons of value for smokers.

Genius Pipe Features

  1. Design

The Genius Pipe includes a sleep design that’s coupled with high functionality. This provides an excellent experience for smokers since you can get a unit with high value in terms of form and function. This is easily one of the best features of the unit and makes it worth considering.

  1. Price

The Genius Pipe has a retail price of slightly under $100.This is a great feature since it provides you with a quality unit at a low price. This gives you the best of both worlds, which is definitely a plus if you’re on a shoestring budget. The Genius Pipe is unquestionably one of the top options if you’re looking for a low-cost pipe with great quality.

  1. Screen

The unit also includes a TruTaste screen from Genius. This is one of the top features of the unit since it provides the in-house technology of Genius that provides you with a better experience when using the pipe. The display might seem like a secondary factor but it’s definitely one worth considering when piking a unit.

  1. Convenience

If you want a pipe with convenience then you should consider the Genius Pipe. You can pack it with dried herbs at home. Then just cover the bowl compartment and put it your pocket or bag. You’ll then be ready to smoke the pipe whenever you’re ready.

  1. Quality

This is one of the high points of the unit. It includes machined metal parts that are connected with 4 super-strong magnets. This provides it with a sleek design that might even conceal its function as a

  1. Cleaning

The unit has received high marks for being a cinch to clean. In fact, it’s been praised for being one of the easiest pipes to clean. All you have to do is slide the unit apart and wipe it down using some rubbing alcohol. It’s that easy! This is easily one of the top features of the unit. You won’t want to spend tons of time cleaning your pipe since it will reduce the amount of time you use for other activities like smoking dried herbs.

  1. Accessories

The Genius Pipe is also compatible with various accessories. They include the slider and carrying case. These units provide extra value to your purchase and make it a unit worth considering since there are tons of options when in the market for a new pipe. The accessories retail at about $20 so you also won’t have to spend a ton of money for them.

  1. Durable

This is another of the key features of the Genius Pipe. The materials and craftsmanship can help to make it last longer.


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