Galaxies Await Glass Pipe

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Shimmering Wave Design
  • Color Changes As You Smoke
  • Durable & Portable Design
  • Bulged Mouthpiece For Comfort
  • Great Airflow For Dry Herbs

The astonishing Galaxies Await hand pipe has a length of roughly 5 inches and is individually hand blown using the highest standard of glass called borosilicate. When you first lay your eyes on this product you will notice the black swirls which can be found on the front of the bowl. These black swirls contain shimmering glass which add a glow like effect to the piece especially under the sun. Upon lighting up your first bowl of desired dry herbs the color of this pipe will eventually change and result in an extremely unique smokey effect. The size of this piece makes portability a breeze meaning you can light up on the go!

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