G Spot Magnetic Grinder

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  • Magnetic Components
  • Effortless Grinding Experience
  • G Spot Logo Etched On Top
  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Kief Catcher
  • Fast Shipping in USA

If you’re tired of turning and taking apart, and you want something that presents the easy option to you post-grinding, you may want to listen up, as the G Spot Magnetic Grinder delivers on efficiency, ease of use, and affordability. Being magnetic, you don’t have to worry about twisting and spilling your product, and since there’s no viewing window, you can simply remove the pieces by pulling gently. No longer do you have to worry about the turning mechanism being jammed, and by lifting easily, you can avoid herb being jammed in the sides, disabling you from getting any product and causing you to lose some of that herb. With the magnetic grinder, you don’t have to worry about losing any product, and it’s a cost-efficient way to incorporate a metal constructed grinder into your smoking experience.

The G Spot Magnetic Grinder Comes apart in four pieces, you’re going to receive a top, bottom, sifting filter, and a grinding mechanism for optimal usage. For the price, it truly can’t be beat as the quality is supreme. You’re going to be able to grind within seconds and use said herb to begin your smoking experience with no issue at all. The aforementioned magnetic grinder is not only great in construction and design, but also lightweight for those who don’t want something too heavy or bulky. You don’t have to worry about the magnets coming apart in your purse or your pocket either, as they are strong and need a bit of your strength to come apart. Manufactured by G-Spot High-End Glass, you’re receiving the best quality when you purchase this grinder.

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