G-Spot Glass Ash Catcher With Chillum Bowl

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Glass is 2.5 inches thick
  • Measures Out At 7.1 inches Tall
  • Manufactured by G-Spot Glass
  • Has a G-Spot Logo In The Front
  • Chillum Bowl Is Included
  • 14.5 mm Female Compatibility

This G-Spot Glass Ash Catcher With Chillum Bowl bears a catchy name for a reason. Through its simple structure, this ash catcher not only smoothens and cools the smoke, but it also fits perfectly on a female water pipe. It’s quite straightforward with a bulb-like design and a reverse inline diffuser that sends smoke straight into the water underneath it.

It’s made of tempered borosilicate glass that bears the G-Spot logo on the surface to make the quality clear to anyone who buys it.  The glass is made to stand high levels of temperature and withstand low-level falls.

This ash catcher is 2-part, comprising of both a chillum bowl and a bubble chamber. The smoke from your dry herbs goes into the chamber and then mixes with the water down there where two things happen. The water down in the chamber cools the smoke, making it smoother and better for the organs, and then the debris is collected in the chamber making it much safer for you to inhale.

Most bongs are not as easy to clean, thanks to the collection of ash and other sediments, which is why this catcher helps ease the process. It also enhances your hits, thanks to that extra filtration it provides.

This ash catcher is mid-size, and the thickness of the glass makes it light to hold as well as use without worrying about tipping your bong over. It is compatible with all female joints which are 14.5mm. This product is 7.1 inches tall and has a diameter of 50 mm.

As for the budget, this G-Spot Glass Ash Catcher will not break the bank. For the amount of performance, you will receive using this G-Spot Ash Catcher purchasing it is a no-brainer. Order yours today while supplies last, we can not guarantee to restock of this product once it is sold out.

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