G Pen Pro Vaporizer

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Heats Up Quickly
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
  • Extremely Discreet & Portable
  • Durable & High Performing
  • Light Weight Design

G Pen Pro Vaporizer

Featuring a ceramic oven, built-in battery and three heating profiles, G Pen Pro is a dry herb portable vaporizer. It is most favourable for beginners. It arrives in an elegant and simple black box that’s closed by two small magnets.

General Features

  1. Light-weight and Durable

The pen has a sharp build quality, and the main body is made of plastic which makes the unit lighter and durable as well. The plastic is well machined with no sharp corners, rough edges, or parts that don’t fit together.

  1. Vapor Quality

Since the mouthpiece is made of plastic, the vapor from the unit has a plastic flavor which is a downside because the draws taste more like plastic. The vapor quality is not the best compared to G Pen Elite because the heating chamber is very close to the chamber.

This means that most times the vapor has no time to cool down. However, the issue is fixed when the mouthpiece sleeves are extended even though the sleeves are also made of plastic. If you like high-quality vapor, then this pen might be a little disappointing for you.

  1. Discreetness

The black color makes the pen look a little discrete because it makes it less noticeable and harder to see to people passing by which is an advantage. You can also dial down the thickness of the vapor to produce it discretely because the unit has a flexible temperature. Which means you can efficiently use it in public places.

The small size also makes it easily concealable because it can fit in your hand when you are using it, so it makes it more discrete to use.

  1. Easy to Use

The fact that this vape pen only has one button makes it so easy to use. All you have to do is press the button five times to power it up. You can also change the temperature by pressing and holding the button till the LED light changes color.

The removable screen in the mouthpiece makes it loading and unloading the herb, as well a cleaning easy. You can also easily clean the heating chamber using Isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Performance

For its size and price point, this vaporizer performed well. It heats up quickly and produces an efficient amount of vapor. Pulling through the G Pen is easy and natural because the draw resistance is minimal. Even though the vapor flavor tastes like plastic to some extent its above average.

If you want to use the pen for a long session and you want to get extra efficient with your herbs, start with the lowest temperature and slowly rise to medium and stay there for just a few minutes. Increase the temperature to a maximum towards the end of the session. This allows the unit to vape your herb thoroughly.

For the best vapor production make sure you grind the dry herbs finely and put it in the chamber, tamp the herbs just a little not too much so that you don’t lose the flavor. When the chamber is sufficiently packed, you can get about 10-15 draws.

  1. Heating

The vape uses red, green, and blue to indicate when the temperatures are low, medium and high respectively. When it’s red, the temperature is at 320F, green 380F and 420F blue. You can also use the vaporizer on high heat using a water pipe that has a unique adapter. This will make the vapor smoother and much better.

It takes around a minute for the device to heat up, and you can use it for about one hour before the battery dies.

How to Use the G Pen Pro Vaporizer

  1. Power the unit by clicking on the button five times
  2. The unit will take you back to the previous temperature settings
  3. Open the mouthpiece and load the herb, then close the mouthpiece back up
  4. The pen will heat up almost automatically
  5. Select the temperature you prefer by holding down the button and select either low, medium, or high.
  6. The LED lights blink when heating up is progressing an then turns solid when the vape is ready.
  7. When the light is solid, you can start vaping

What We Like About The G Pen Pro

  • It is highly portable and easily concealable
  • Very easy to use
  • Heats up quickly for its size
  • It is lightweight
  • Has multiple temperature settings

Final Verdict

Not only is the G Pen Pro vaporizer efficient and effective, but it also performs much better compared to other vape pens within its price range. It’s also easy to use, load and clean. For a single person, the small oven provides the perfect portion. It’s not the best, but it’s better than most and serves as the perfect starter for a beginner.

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