Fumed Sherlock Bubbler With Diffuser

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Accented with gold and silver highlights
  • Candy-themed glass finish
  • Built in diffuser downstem
  • Has a carb hole on the left.

Looking at it, you would confuse it for some piece of art, but in the real sense, it’s a bubbler. This Fumed Sherlock Bubbler resembles a pipe, with the only difference being the diffuser. The diffuser is downstream so that the smoke goes down into the water when you smoke. It then travels up to the tiny mouthpiece after it has been stripped of those parts that could affect your lungs.

The outer part of this bubbler is sheer beauty. Although it does not look it, it is made of high-quality glass that has been decorated with beautiful stripes. It is candy accented and quite the looker. Thanks to the quality of material used for the entire piece, no heat passes through it, and so there are no chances of getting burnt while smoking.

It has a broad base to help it sit without support, and the bowl is reasonably sized. Although most people think that bubblers are only good for dry herbs, they can also be used with concentrates when you have the rights accessories.

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