Fading Smoke Sherlock Glass Bubbler

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Product Highlights:

  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Color: Multi, primarily orange, pink and black
  • Pattern: black, Smokey psychedelic waves/swirls
  • Pipe type: Sherlock Glass Bubbler
  • Carb on right side
  • Thick and Durable Glass

The Fading Smoke Sherlock Glass Bubbler is not only a high-quality Sherlock-style glass bubbler, but it’s also a piece of utilitarian art.

The subtle, stunning pink and orange base color looks just like a genuine sunset and shows the refined genius of the glassmaker’s skill. Meanwhile, the black wavy pattern is a clever mix of smoky etherealness and bold, abstract tattoo smoke representation. The juxtaposition is like hippy meets tribal, and makes a great piece of art in and of itself and a wonderful gift for the discerning smoker in your life.

Sherlock glass bubbler pipes are designed with their namesake, Sherlock Holmes, in mind. They have the curvy aesthetics of a nineteenth-century tobacco pipe and give the smoker a sense of anachronistic refinement as they hold the pipe in hand and ponder the deeper meanings of the universe—or think deeply about nothing at all.

Sherlock pipes have the benefit of being taller than hammers, which makes them easier to use for a lot of people. It requires less movement on the smoker’s part, resulting in a more effortless experience. Additionally, Sherlocks prevent water and herbal resin from getting into your mouth and lungs, which can be a very common annoyance with other pipe types.

The Fading Smoke Sherlock Glass Bubbler features a dark blue-covered carb hole on the right side for easy use. The overall look of the piece makes one think of what Sherlock Holmes’ pipe had gone through the proverbial looking glass and recalls a certain quirky mid-century Britishness that’s bound to make you feel like the Sherlock Holmes of your generation.

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