Eyce Mini Silicone Beaker Bong

Product Information

• Virtually Indestructible
• BPA Free Silicone (Safe To Smoke From)
• 7.25 Inches Tall
• Built-In Stash Jar & Steel Material Tool
• Includes: 14MM Glass Bowl
• Includes: Silicone Downstem
• Features A Diffused Downstem
• Ice Catcher / Splash Guard
• Easily Disassembled For Cleaning
• Dishwasher Safe

The Eyce Mini Silicone Beaker Bong is the ultimate bong for those who demand durability and convenience. This bong is virtually indestructible, thanks to its platinum-cured silicone construction. It is safe to smoke from and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Featuring an ergonomic design, this bong is comfortable to hold and use. It stands at 7.25 inches tall, making it the perfect size for a satisfying smoking experience. The silicone material is also non-stick, ensuring that it won't get dirty or sticky over time.

This bong comes with a built-in stash jar and steel material tool, providing everything you need for a convenient smoking experience. The removable 14mm borosilicate glass bowl allows you to easily switch between different strains of weed, while the silicone downstem and diffused design help to cool and filter smoke for a smoother hit.

The Eyce Mini Silicone Beaker Bong also features an ice catcher, allowing you to cool your smoke even further. And when it's time to clean your bong, simply disassemble it and toss it in the dishwasher for a thorough and hassle-free cleaning experience.

In conclusion, the Eyce Mini Silicone Beaker Bong is the perfect choice for those who want a durable and convenient smoking experience. Its virtually indestructible design and an array of features make it a reliable choice for years to come. Make sure you place your order today before we sell out!

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