Envy Glass 12 Inch Ice Bong With Ice Catcher

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• Made in The USA
• Straight Tube
• Ice Catcher
• Portable
• Thick Glass
• Includes Bowl
• Embedded Logo

Have you been looking for a bong which will allow you quick hits at any given moment? If you are, then the Envy Glass 12 Inch Ice Bong with Ice Catcher is perfect for you. It is made from scientific glass, has a thickness of 5.0mm, so it is an excellent which will last for a long time. This bong is a straight model, which is small and compact, allowing you to carry it anywhere you go. It is good to know that the performance and functionality of this product has not been compromised due to design.

When you receive this Envy Glass 12 Inch Ice Bong no preparation is needed! The bong can be used straight outside a box with minimal assembly. It is designed to be the simplest model right now and to provide quick smoke releases in a few seconds. This is possible due to the unique set of features that eliminate the need for multiple filters. The end result is smoke in seconds, without any drawbacks.

Another main aspect is the strength of the glass. Being scientific, the strength and the resistance are at the highest level. Using the bong all the time won’t damage its structure nor cause any defects in the design.

The main bowl is 14.5 mm and the inside-cut is 18.8 mm. The downstem, which includes a slitted diffuser, can be removed at any time. All of the components are made from the same glass, resistant to stains and scratches, so maintenance is extremely simple and doesn’t require much effort. Adding this bong to your collection is a no brainer so make sure to order yours today!


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