Dual Chamber Coiled Downstem Bubbler

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  • Made In The USA By Sky High Glass
  • Dual Chamber Bubbler
  • Stands In A Stable Manner On Flat Surfaces
  • Blown Using Thick Glass

If you're searching for a bubbler which is out of the ordinary than this Dual Chamber Coiled Downstem Bubbler is definitely a product you'll love. Take your filtration to the next level by using this bubbler which consists of two chambers instead of one. Once you light the bowl the smoke will travel down the first diffuser and into the water within the first chamber. When the water is filtered out the first time it will then travel to the second chamber and undergo the same filtration process as before. The purpose of this is to remove all unwanted toxins from your dry herbs and ensure you are left with only clean smoke which is much less harmful to your body. Also, this increased filtration will increase the overall flavor you get from your dry herbs which is a benefit to any smoker such as yourself.

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