Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Three Different Heat Settings
  • Extremely Convenient & Portable
  • Includes Three Different Atomizers
  • Comfortable Shotgun Mouthpiece
  • Sleek Satin Black Finish
  • Meant For Concentrates

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer pen is a high class and low profile wax pen that provides users with portability and high performance. It’s about the same size as a fancy pen which makes it a head-turner. Its interior makes good quality vapor production because its made of ceramic. The components efficiently snap into place. If you like to keep things simple, then this could be the vaporizer for you.

General Features

  1. Packaging

The vape pen is slick with a unique satin finish. It comes in a box with other accompaniments like a variable-voltage battery unit, ceramic contoured mouthpiece, dab tool, dual quartz rod atomizer, Dr Dabber key chain, dual ceramic rod atomizer, ceramic disk atomizer, USB charger, shot-gun style mouthpiece and a shatterproof storage container.

The design is simple and striking at the same time. The battery is connected to the docking bay magnetically hence popping everything into place. The mouthpiece-to-heating chamber is the only section that doesn’t connect with a magnet; it comes with a regular O-ring instead.

  1. Versatility

This vaporizer is versatile since it comes with three atomizers. All you have to do is snap the three pieces onto each other which is super easy. The pen is stylish yet has a discreet flat black shell. The LED lights also serve as a slick touch that is not too flashy but fun.

The versatility feature is the snaptech magnets because it makes the pen easy to use without any leaks or mess. The magnets are also very easy to clean because they don’t need anything besides the standard cleaning materials because they have flat surfaces.

The chamber heats up the pen evenly because they are lined with quartz which makes the production of the vape intense and consistent. Because this vaporizer is a long draw pen, it takes about 6-10 seconds for each draw to heat.

  1. Atomizers

The three atomizers include Dual Ceramic Rods, Dual Quartz Rods, and a Ceramic Disk Atomizer. The Dual Ceramic Rod evenly distributes the heat because it sits with a quartz heating chamber hence producing a steady, even flow of heat at a lower temperature. Since it heats up quickly, fast hits work better in this atomizer. It is designed for low viscosity waxes. It doesn’t produce large vapor clouds compared to other vaporizers.

Since the coils of the atomizers are exposed, you need to be careful when you are scooping your wax on them because you can end up damaging it by pressing too much against the dabbing spoon. To be safe and avoid touching the coil, scoop the wax against the chamber side.

The Ceramic Disk Atomizer keeps the temperatures lower because it has an internal heating element. However, compared to the other two vaporizers, the amount of the vapor is low even if the low heat preserves the concentrate’s flavor. If you turn up the temperature in this atomizer, the oil will bubble and spill which will be messy.

  1. Easy to Clean

All you have to do is keep wiping the connections to keep the pen clean. You can use ISO or occasionally buy Swabs on Dr Dabber’s official website.

  1. Lightweight Battery

Compared to other vape pens, The Aurora vaporizer has a lightweight battery. The battery becomes fully charged when you put it in the docking bay for about two hours. If you are a medium smoker, this vaporizer is perfect for you.

  1. Vape Quantity and Quality

Unless you vape for longer 7 or 8 seconds, the vapor quantity produced is substantially less compared to other vape pens. However, the pen delivers quality flavor and the smoke is invisible which makes it perfect for discreet smokers.

How to Use The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen

  1. Charge the battery first
  2. After the battery is charged, pop one of the three heating components on it.
  3. Load the wax or concentrate into the chamber using the dabbing tool that comes in the box.
  4. Take the mouthpiece and snap it onto the heating chamber
  5. Switch on the device by pressing the button on it five times.


  • There is no threading that will slow you down because the magnets keep the pen together.
  • The temperature controls are adjustable
  • Comes with three atomizers
  • The design is stylish
  • You can keep it tucked in your shirt pocket anywhere you go because it looks like a fancy writing pen.


  • Pricey
  • Low vapor production
  • If you make big draws, it will overheat
  • Entry-level wax pen

Final Verdict

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer pen has three heating settings and two mouthpieces which means it is adjustable for three kinds of oils and waxes. The bonus feature of the pen is the fact that it can make vaping smooth even for a relaxed event and you can use it anywhere because it is highly portable. The pen is stylish, easy to handle and has an overall suave feeling.

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