Dome-Like Ceramic Carb Cap Dabber Combo

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • 3-Inches Tall
  • Made With High-Quality Ceramic Material
  • Curved Dabber Design
  • Universal Female Carb Cap
  • Size: Fits 14mm And 18mm Joints

The Dome-Like Ceramic Carb Cap Dabber Combo is an essential tool for all concentrate users. Made from high-quality laboratory grade ceramic material, this carb cap and dabber combo tool is super versatile and very convenient to use. The ceramic material provides for easy cleanup and low heat transfer during each dab hit. This piece comes equipped with a hole for added ventilation and ease of airflow control. The curved dabber tip allows users to comfortably pick up preferred amounts of their favorite concentrates without any trouble. The universal carb cap design can be used with any dab nail measuring in at 14mm and 18mm in size.

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