Cloud V Platinum Edition Vaporizer

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  • 1 x wall charger
  • 1 x Atomizer
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x battery
  • 1 x mouthpiece
  • 1 x case
  • Owner’s manual

Cloud V Platinum Edition Vaporizer is one of the most appreciated devices of this kind, due to a simple reason. It is extraordinary in any way imaginable and it has unique advantages. The design is the first thing you will notice. It is much thicker than conventional models, so using it is more rewarding. Chromed ring above the button improves the design even more and makes the entire device look stunning regardless where you are at the moment. On the side of the unit there is a clear window which allows users to see the amount of concentrates. This is a great addition because you will know when you need to refill without having to open your atomizer.

The atomizer is also one of a kind. It is called Platinum Tornado and it features higher temperatures and therefore better quality of the vapor itself. Keep in mind that the atomizer is 40% more efficient than most, conventional units nowadays. It has been developed by professionals to put a smile back on the faces of smokers from all parts of the world.

The battery is powerful enough to provide energy to the atomizer for several days, on a single charge. Just in case, you get USB charger and wall charger in the package. It allows you to recharge the battery using the USB port or to connect it directly to the wall charger. In the case when you have to recharge the battery ASAP, use the wall charger because it reduces the charging time by at least 30%.

The device is constructed to be used with wax rather than dry herbs, so the best taste is always provided. At the same time, it is much safer for your health and allows you to enjoy in the vapor for a longer period of time.

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