Bulldog 3 Part Grinder

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Product Highlights:

  • Bulldog Authentic Product
  • 3 Piece Grinder
  • Effective Keif Catcher
  • Sharp Diamond Cut Teeth
  • Anodized Metal
  • Includes Plastic Kief Scraper

This durable Bulldog 3 part metal grinder features a unique blue color shade which has been anodized in order to prevent scratches. Many smokers around the world are aware of the fact that Bulldog is a reputable brand because has been in the business since 1975. They have continued to amaze smokers by manufacturing high grade and yet compact items which are very budget friendly.

This herb grinder has a solid metal construction that essentially consists of three durable pieces that can be screwed together to create a smooth and tight seal whenever used. The Bulldog 3 Part Grinder comes with a pollen screen and kief compartment for accumulating the output and storing the precious kief. The product also includes a plastic scraper (this is also included with your purchase) to scrape out the kief without breaking a sweat.

On the inner side, the Bulldog 3 Part Grinder is well-equipped with a set of sharp diamond cut teeth that are well positioned to effortlessly break up and grind your herb mix or tobacco into the perfect texture. The diamond cut teeth give you the extra bit of sharpness and precision to ensure that your kief is just in the right state.

This solid grinder serves as a great choice for smokers who are out and about or always on the move. The Bulldog 3 Part Grinder is a compact grinder that performs perfectly as expected and due to the high-quality metals using in the construction, it is also very tough and durable. If you are in search of a herb grinder which will last you for a long time without diminishing in performance that is the right one for you!

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