Black Leaf Straight Hybrid Oil Rig

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • All clear with a few black impressions
  • It has a Black Leaf logo
  • It has a handle to the side and a small mouthpiece.
  • It has a flat base for stability
  • Designed For Concentrates

Black Leaf Glass is known for crafting high-quality bongs and accessories, and this Black Leaf Straight Hybrid is no different. The glass on this rig does not get damaged by high levels of heat exposure. This dab rig is not only functional, but it is also a beautiful piece of art made with precision and high-quality material all over.

Within the tube, this rig has several slits that allow the filtration of smoke. Any dry smoke that gets into the chamber passes through water where it is first purified and filtered and then cooled. Because the slits are small and several, smoke is broken into bubbles that enhance the herb’s flavor. The hits are not only filled with flavor, but they are also easy on the lungs and throat. By using this product to smoke your favorite dry herbs, you will never have another dry hit.

The Black Leaf Straight Hybrid has a flared mouthpiece that provides additional comfort to the smoker while taking a drag. The mouthpiece is made of the same high-quality glass that makes it so much better. Also, this size of the mouthpiece is fairly big compared to other pieces which allows users to draw in a large amount of smoke in a short period of time.

The journey from the bowl into the cyclone percolator is an interesting one, as it involves lots of filtration processes. The process involves smoke going up a small chamber that looks like a handle before it can travel up the mouthpiece.

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