Black Leaf Dual Chamber Recycler

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Height: 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Joint size 14.5mm
  • Pipe material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Built-in recycler
  • Built-in drum diffuser
  • Curved mouthpiece

The Black Leaf Double Chamber Recycler isn’t just for smoking herbs. It can also be used to smoke essential oils and concentrates, making it a perfect choice for the smoker who craves variety.

Unlike other recycler dab rigs, this Black Leaf Dual Chamber Recycler features a curved mouthpiece to promote ease of use as well as user comfort. The double chambers work together and filter (and thus recycle) smoke and water constantly. This filtration effect is soothing and cooling and makes for a gentler throat hit and lung feel, however that doesn’t mean it won’t pack a flavor punch. Because of the unique bubbling action that happens as water recycles through the chambers, bubbles form up near the mouth piece, retaining and delivering flavor right into your mouth, hit after hit, for that hard-to-find yet oh-so-desirable strong-yet-smooth hit. Additionally, the constant recycling prevents smoke from getting stale, so that delicious flavor is retained throughout your smoke session.

Because the second chamber has splashguard-like attributes, you can take hard hits without encountering any unwanted water.

While recyclers have a variety of applications, users who smoke concentrates will reap even more benefits, such as the cooling effect for comfort and the retention of flavor, both of which may be hard to come by with other methods.

Borosilicate glass is traditional glass that has had boric oxide mixed into it during the glassmaking process. It is a sturdy glass that is chemical-resistant and heat-resistant. These features further insure that the taste of each dab is authentic, bold, and potent.


  • Black Leaf Dual Chamber Recycler
  • Glass nail
  • 5mm female herb bowl
  • 5mm female vapor dome
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