3 in 1 Glass Blunt

Product Information

Product Highlights:

  • Product Height: 5-Inches
  • Thick & Durable Glass
  • Easy To Use & Clean
  • Includes A Cleaning Brush
  • 2-Gram Dry Herb Capacity
  • Universal Mouthpiece For Use With Water Pipes

Grab this dope 3 in 1 glass blunt today while supplies last! These products gained a massive amount of attention within the past couple of months due to multiple factors. First off, this 3 in 1 glass blunt is extremely easy to use even for newbies. Secondly, cleaning and maintaining this product is simple and effortless. Thirdly, its compact size allows you to take it with you on the go.

This product has a height of 5 inches and can hold about 2 grams of dry herbs within its chamber. Loading and unloading your herbs is quick and easy, allowing you to light up within seconds. After you smoke from a glass blunt you will forget about rolling using papers or even ordinary blunts!

A great feature found on this product is that the mouthpiece is compatible with 10, 14, and 18-mm joints. This means that you can use this product with your water pipe! Say goodbye to the days you would have to consistently clean out and refill your dry herb bowl.

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