14mm Domeless Quartz Nail

Product Information

Product Highlights: 

  • Premuim Grade Quartz
  • Domless Design
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain
  • Impressive Heat Resistance Levels
  • Durable and High Quality
  • USA Made Product

Our 14mm Domeless Quartz Nail is perfect for those dabbers looking for the best taste when vaporizing their concentrates, waxes, or oils. This nail is perfect for wax and shatter due to its ability to retain heat allowing the user to dab at low temperature levels which result in smooth and flavorful vapor. Hand crafted using the highest quality quartz glass you can rest assured that this unit is extremely durable and will last you for quite some time with proper maintenance. Cleaning these 14mm quartz nails are effortless and only take about a minute. This quartz nail is compatible with all 14 mm applications.

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