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Titanium E-Nail With Digital Controller

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Product Highlights:

  • Easy To Use and Very Portable
  • Digital Display and Controls
  • Includes Universal Titanium Nail
  • Sleek Design and Black Finish
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If you are ready to take your dabbing game to the next level than owning this Titanium E-Nail With Digital Controller is a must! This product allows you to set your preferred temperature by simply using the digital controls on the front. Everyone knows that dabbing your precious concentrates at lower heat levels provides an overall better smoking experience and that is exactly what can be achieve if you use this E-Nail. This product ships with both the nail and digital controller as seen in the photos above. The Nail is universal meaning it will fit dab rigs with joint sizes which are 10, 14 and even 18mm in size. Another great thing about the included nail is that it can also be used on joints which are male and female!