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Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe

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Product Highlights:

  • Made in the USA
  • Handmade by California glassblowers
  • Borosilicate dichroic glass construction
  • Color: Multi
  • Pattern: Unique, no two alike
  • Length 5.5 inches

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The Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe by Empire Glassworks offers up the ultimate combination of high-quality construction and stunningly original visual appeal.

Empire Glassworks makes their products by hand, employing local glassblowers in the USA, who are masters of their craft. Each pipe is made individual with strict attention to detail, quality and visuals.

The Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe is made of borosilicate dichroic glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is made by combining boric acid with the typical glassmaker’s frit of silica sand, ground lime and soda. The result is an extremely strong and durable glass that can withstand heat far greater than standard glass, making it the perfect material for high-quality glass spoon pipe construction.

Dichroic glass is what gives the pipe its beautifully individualistic appearance. Dichroic glass is created by combining microlayers of glass, metal and oxides to create a truly original glasswork. The color and pattern results are unpredictable, so no two pieces are alike, which is part of the charm of the Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe. Additionally, because the borosilicate base is so heat-resistant, it has to be heated to extremely high temperatures to be crafted into a pipe, which further individualizes and beautifies the random, abstract colors of the accompanying dichroic glass.

Practical thanks to its pocket size and durability, the Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe by Empire Works features a carb on the left side of the bowl, which works to clear the chamber, offering a more pleasurable smoking experience that will be sure to make the Mirage Glass Spoon Pipe a standard in your smoking routine.

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