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Diamond Glass Mrs. Heizman Beaker


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  • Durable Glass
  • USA Made
  • 15″ Tall
  • 6″ Wide Base
  • 14 mm Dry Herb Bowl
  • Matrix Percolator
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This Mrs. Heizman Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass is not only a good looking piece but the performance from this unit is phenomenal. Upon inspecting this beaker you will notice the re-designed mouth piece which provides exceptional comfort while smoke. As we work out way down the neck of this piece  we can find notches which are built in to add ice which allows the smoke to be cooled. This factor provides a much more enjoyable smoke session. The one thing that makes this product stand out the most is the massive matrix perc which can be found in the middle. This perc was implemented to ensure that the user never receives splash backs while smoking. The base of this bong has a width of 6 inches providing a durable and stable balance. This products ships with an included dry herb bowl that is 14 mm in diameter.