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SharpStone is a unique company which is infamous for their unique collection of premium dry herb grinders. Their products can be found to consist of multiple parts some of which include two piece, four piece and five piece grinders. SharpStone also offers smokers with a unique crank grinder which is known take the hassle out of grinding your favorite dry herbs. SharpStone is definitely an innovator in their market and they currently hold various utility and design patents on their products to ensure authenticity. SharpStone grinders are crafted using a strong aircraft grade aluminum which is CNC machined and anodized for durability. If you are in the market for a new grinder than any product from SharpStone is highly recommend by us.


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SharpStone V2 4 Piece 1.5″ Grinder
SharpStone V2 4 Piece 2.5" Grinder
SharpStone V2 4 Piece 2.2″ Grinder