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Santa Cruz Shredder
Santa Cruz Shredder was first established in 2011 in the state of California. They create a wide range of smoking accessories including grinders, dab nails, carb caps, dabbers and much more. Till this day all of their products are designed and made in the USA. What makes the Santa Cruz Shredder truly stand out from their competition is the attention to detail found in all their products. We highly appreciate when companies go above and beyond to ensure they are creating high quality products and that is exactly what this brand does every time.

The unique thread design found on their grinders is revolutionary because it eliminates many common struggles found in other products. While inspecting their grinders you will notice many unique features such as the knurled grip which is meant to improve the grip you have while using the product. Say goodbye to loss of traction while trying to quickly grind your herbs.
Another important feature to consider is that Santa Cruz Shredders have incorporated some of the strongest magnets known to man within their products. These magnets provide a strong connection between each piece to prevent against accidental spills.

Precision will be noticed right when you first start using the products manufactured by Santa Cruz Shredder. The grinders featured in their collection have precise teeth which are able to effortlessly grind down herbs to the prefect level. Since these teeth are made from a strong aero grade aluminum they will surely last for many years to come and you won’t need to purchase a replacement.

This company boasts that their products are scratch resistant which is all due to the unique aerospace anodizing techniques used during assembly process. Choosing a smoking accessory from Santa Cruz Shredder should be a no brainer because of the performance and durability found within them.

Santa Cruz Shredder

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Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Piece Grinder